Jimmy Carter

Autographed Picture of Mr. Jimmy Carter.

(An American Politician Who Served As The 39th President of The United States From 1977 To 1981. In 2002, He Was Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize For His Work With The Carter Center.)



J. Michael Bishop

Autographed Picture of Mr. J. Michael Bishop.

(An American Immunologist And Microbiologist Who Shared The 1989 Nobel Prize in Physiology Or Medicine With Harold E. Varmus And Was Co-winner of 1984 Alfred P. Sloan Prize.)


Venkatraman Ramakrishnan

Autographed Picture of Mr. Venkatraman Ramakrishnan.

(An Indian American And British Structural Biologist of Indian Origin. In 2009 He Shared The Nobel Prize in Chemistry With Thomas A. Steitz And Ada Yonath, “For Studies of The Structure And Function of The Ribosome”.)


Dan Shechtman

Autographed Picture of Mr. Dan Shechtman.

(A Professor of Materials Science. Dan Shechtman Was Awarded The 2011 Nobel Prize In Chemistry For The Discovery of Quasicrystals, Making Hhim One of Six Israelis Who Have Won The Nobel Prize in Chemistry.)