Ellen Ochoa

Autographed Picture of Ms. Ellen Ochoa.

(An American Engineer, Former Astronaut & The Current Director of The Johnson Space Center. In 1993 Ochoa Became The First Hispanic Woman In The World To Go To Space When She Served On A Nine-Day Mission Aboard The Shuttle Discovery.)

Ellen Ochoa (3)

Muhammed Faris

Autographed Picture of Mr. Muhammed Faris.

(A Syrian Military Aviator. He Was The First Syrian & The Second Arab In Space. He Flew As Research Cosmonaut In The Interkosmos Program On Soyuz TM-3 To The Mir Space Station In July 1987, Spending 7 Days 23 Hours And 5 Minutes In Space. He Returned To Earth Aboard Soyuz TM-2.)


Gregory C. Johnson

Personalized Autographed Picture of Mr. Gregory C. Johnson.

(A Former American Naval Officer And Aviator, Test Pilot, Aerospace Engineer, And NASA Astronaut. He Spent His Military Career In Both, The United States Navy And The Navy Reserve. He Was The Pilot On Space Shuttle Mission STS-125, The Final Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission.)


Piers Sellers

Personalized Autographed Picture of Late Mr. Piers Sellers.

(A British-American Meteorologist, NASA Astronaut. He Was A Veteran of Three Space Shuttle Missions. In January 2016, He Revealed That He Had Been Diagnosed With Stage 4 Pancreatic Cancer. Sellers Died 23 December 2016 At The Age of 61)