Karol J. Bobko

Autographed Picture of Mr. Karol J. Bobko.

(An American Aerospace Engineer, Retired U.S. Air Force Officer, Test Pilot, A Former USAF & NASA astronaut.).

Karol J. Bobko (1)


Rosalynn Carter

Autographed Picture of Ms. Rosalynn Carter.

(The Wife of The 39th President of The United States, Jimmy Carter, And Served As The First Lady of The United States From 1977 To 1981. She Has For Decades Been A Leading Advocate For Numerous Causes, Perhaps Most Prominently For Mental Health Research.).


Nicole Stott

Personalized Autographed Picture of Ms. Nicole Stott.

(An American Engineer & A Retired NASA Astronaut. She Served As A Flight Engineer On ISS Expedition 20 And Expedition 21 And Was A Mission Specialist On STS-128 And STS-133).

Nicole Stott (2)

Sunil Gavaskar

Personalized Autographed Picture of Mr. Sunil Gavaskar.

(An Indian Former Cricketer Who Played During The 1970s & 1980s For The Indian National Team. Widely Regarded As One of The Greatest Opening Batsmen in Cricket History, Gavaskar Set World Records During His Career For The Most Test Runs And Most Test Centuries Scored By Any Batsman. He Held The Record of 34 Test Centuries For Almost Two Decades Before It Was Broken By Sachin Tendulkar in December 2005).


Jack D. Fischer

Personalized Autographed Picture of Mr. Jack D. Fischer.

(An American Test Pilot & A NASA Astronaut. Fischer Was Selected in June 2009 As A Member of The NASA Astronaut Group 20 And Qualified As An Astronaut In 2011. He Made His First Spaceflight in April 2017, As A Flight Engineer For Expedition 51/52 On The International Space Station.)

Jack D Fischer

Gerald P. Carr

Autographed Picture of Mr. Gerald P. Carr.

(An American Mechanical & Aeronautical Engineer, Former United States Marine Corps Officer, Naval Aviator And Former NASA Astronaut. He Was Commander of Skylab 4, The Third And Final Manned Visit To The Skylab Orbital Workshop, From November 16, 1973 To February 8, 1974.)

Gerald Carr (1)

Jimmy Carter

Autographed Picture of Mr. Jimmy Carter.

(An American Politician Who Served As The 39th President of The United States From 1977 To 1981. In 2002, He Was Awarded The Nobel Peace Prize For His Work With The Carter Center.)